Avantus Fasteners’ Announcement – Larry Valeriano

We are pleased to announce the addition of Larry Valeriano to the Avantus Fasteners management team as the Director of Business & Product development.

Avantus Fasteners, consisting of California Screw Products (CalScrew), Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) and Fastener Technology Corp. (FTC) is part of Avantus Aerospace.  Larry was the majority partner in the ownership of CalScrew and FIT before their acquisition by Avantus Aerospace.

As a fastener industry veteran, Larry brings to Avantus Fasteners his extensive business management and shop floor experience from the time he worked the floor as a header man.  Larry progressed from a machinist to the owner of not just one, but two well known and successful fastener companies.  We truly appreciative having Larry on board as a member of the Avantus Fasteners management team.

Larry belongs to NASC and the IFI and will continue his role of representing Avantus Fasteners in support of those organizations.

Dennis Suedkamp


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