Thread Rolling

With more than four decades of experience in the manufacturing of fasteners for the aerospace industry, FTC offers world-class thread rolling services.

Thread rolling is a method of creating threaded fasteners with optimal precision. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for the aerospace and military industries, where strength, precision and high-quality surface finish are critical.  
Rather than cutting threads into metal parts, thread rolling screws, bolts and other fasteners involves the use of specialized thread rolling dies to reform ductile metals with precision threads. Thread rolling is generally preferred to creating threads by cutting or grinding as the process results in accurate, smooth, strong external threads. Many fastener manufacturers outsource their thread rolling services to external thread rolling companies, but at Fastener Technology Corp. we possess a full range of technology and expertise, meaning that we are able to offer all services in-house, therefore significantly streamlining the manufacture process.

Thread rolling services

Thread rolling is a cold forming process which uses toughened steel dies to penetrate the surface of a round shaft with force, thereby reshaping the diameter into regular, precise thread form. Having metric and inch dies in its production line, FTC can produce smooth and perfectly uniform threads on each screw or bolt.

Quality assurance

Fastener Technology Corp.’s skilled technicians work with each client to determine the exact specifications of each fastener, including thread size, dimensions, head type and materials. Parts are then manufactured to industry guidelines whilst adhering to stringent sets of procedures, which have been developed and implemented as a result of our in-depth experience.
We possess full capacity to manufacture, finish and quality assure our products in-house. Our quality assurance procedures include testing randomized samples of fasteners at each stage of the manufacturing process, which helps us to maintain a consistent high standard and identify and rectify potential anomalies quickly, thereby reducing delays in production.
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