With more than four decades’ experience in aerospace engineering, Fastener Technology Corp. offers a full range of fastener manufacturing and finishing services, including surface grinding.

Precision is critical in the aerospace and military industries; microscopic imperfections that have no impact in other applications could have catastrophic consequences. Therefore, at Fastener Technology Corp., we continually work to achieve outstanding levels of precision and quality, which, coupled with our unrivalled customer service, makes us an industry leader in the provision of fasteners for the aerospace industry. Grinding aluminum, stainless steel and other metallic fasteners is one of the processes that we use to achieve superior quality products, every time. 

Metal grinding services

High quality materials enable our products to withstand the extreme conditions associated with the aerospace industry, allowing components to survive the hostile rigors of a high powered engine. At FTC, we never compromise on quality, from the quality of our raw materials to the processes that we use to create fasteners.
Historically, machining has been the most accurate way of precision manufacturing parts. However, recent advances in technology mean that grinding processes outperform other machining processes, making metal grinding a higher accuracy, lower cost option for many fastener production needs. Although machining parts offers a good degree of accuracy, the use of advanced abrasive solutions, such as grinding, yields improved accuracy and reduced processes. In addition, the process of removing metal to form a part, tolerances and surface quality are, inevitably degraded which can have a longer-term impact on the lifespan of the engine.

FTC’s quality assurance

As part of the Avantus Group, alongside our sibling organizations, quality is at the center of our operations, and we continue to strive for excellence through the creation of our own patented designs and the use of cutting edge technology, which facilitate the grinding of stainless
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