As a leading supplier of high specification components to the aerospace industry, Fastener Technology Corp. has the capacity to form a variety of head configurations for High Strength Structure Bolts and Screws. Utilizing Cold Heading or Hot forging process allows us to minimize follow up rework operations, reducing the cost and lead time.
Metal Heading
Metal heading and forging is a highly skilled process that our expert engineers and technicians can deploy to ensure highly accurate production of a range of standard and non-standard (complex) shapes. A wide variety of Heading Machines allows us to manufacture bolt and screw sizes ranging from .050” to .750” diameters and length up to 6”. With in-house tool making capacity, FTC can offer metal heading services in most cost-effective way. 
Wide portfolio of materials
At FTC, our combination of expertise and state-of-the-art machinery means that we can manufacture complex components from a range of materials, to meet your precise needs.  We use our Cold Heading or Hot Forging services with metals such as stainless steel, heat and corrosion resistant steel, titanium, and alloys such as Inconel to produce parts needed with extreme precisions. Moreover, whatever the environmental stressors that will be encountered in the aircraft during operation, our engineers will be able to supply you with the exact part needed made from the most appropriate material. 
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