At FTC, we undertake all elements of fastener manufacturing, from design and production, to ensuring the best finish for our clients’ needs.
Deburring is an essential finishing process in order to ensure the safety and quality of the components that are manufactured.  At FTC, our commitment to our customers means that this is one of the services that we offer in-house.
Removing burrs is critical as part of the manufacturing process.  Where many companies outsource this process, at FTC our commitment to our customers means that this is one of the many services that we offer ourselves.  This enables us to keep lead times to a minimum and help reduce production costs.  Burrs can be dangerous and can slow down production, leading to stoppages on the factory floor or compromising safety in the final aircraft. Burrs can potentially lead to misalignments of mating parts and affect part tolerances.  They can also lead to drilled or punched holes becoming blocked, preventing crucial movement of air, lubricants or other fluids. At FTC, we provide automated deburring processes in order to achieve high levels of consistency and quality in our finished parts, combined with rigorous quality assurance procedures that deploy manual deburring where necessary after visual inspection of the parts.
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