Metal Finishing

At Fastener Technology Corp., we offer a range of metal finishing services to ensure that every fastener is produced and finished to the highest standards.
Metal finishing
There are a number of finishing processes that our customers can access at FTC.  Unlike many companies, we do not out-sources these services, ensuring that we are constantly working to reduce lead times and retain control of the quality of our finished products.  Poorly finished surfaces or components can result in wasted time on production lines if irregularities interfere with the necessary tolerances to ensure optimal safety and performance of the final aircraft. We offer a range of solutions to this problem which means that our customers can rely on the components that we manufacture.
Grit blasting
Grit blasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a technique that is used to clean and smooth metal surfaces.  It consists of a process by which abrasive particles are fired under pressure at the surface of a finished product.  As well as being a technique for removing any unwanted clinging particles of metal, grit blasting has the added advantage of compressing some alloys and so reducing the risk of subsequent stress fractures.
Surface grinding
Surface grinding is used to ensure a smooth surface that is free from imperfections. It is efficient and cost-effective and so an ideal option for a range of components, depending on their specific geometries.  Our precision grinding processes enable us to grind stainless steel to 0.0002” on sheet sizes of 24” x 20”. 
Polishing is a process that combines removing surface imperfections and roughness with improving the aesthetic appearance of a product.  It is typically utilized for components where an extremely high degree of surface smoothness is required, or where the component will be visible to passengers and it is desirable that it look pleasing.
Customer service
As in everything we do at FTC, we know that paying attention to every detail in the production process, including all the finishing processes, is essential to producing the quality fasteners and other C-class components that our customers demand.
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