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At Fastener Technology Corp., our commitment to investing in state-of-the-art technology enables us to manufacture a full range of high quality fasteners suitable for the aerospace and military industries.  
The inventory of cutting-edge equipment held within our facilities in California includes a range of Computerized Numerical Control – CNC- machinery, enabling us to offer full CNC punch press services. In situations where other precision cutting process, such as laser or water cutting, are not practical, CNC punch pressing offers a viable, scalable solution.

Precision engineered fasteners
By using CNC punch press machines with a bed size of up to 1.2mx1.2m, our technicians can produce large volumes of fastener components, accurately punched or embossed to meet our customers’ precise specifications. We utilize CADCAM software to create fasteners from designs, which can be accurately replicated multiple times, thus dramatically reducing stoppage times and the associated labor and cost implications.

Quality assured
When it comes to the aerospace and military industries, quality is critical. For FTC and our eight sibling organizations based in the US, UK, Mexico and Europe, we don’t compromise in the techniques, materials or quality checking processes that we use; our comprehensive in-house QA processes enable us to ensure that we meet industry standards as well as providing our clients with an unrivalled service in terms of not just quality, but speed and cost-effectiveness.

Tailored CNC punch press services
While quality, durability and precision are overarching requirements of the aerospace engineering industry, we recognize that each client is different. Our technicians work closely with each client to deliver a service and products that have been tailored to meet their needs. All of the fasteners in our portfolio can be adjusted to meet clients’ specifications, and our technicians will advise on materials, design factors and manufacturing processes to ensure that we deliver on scale, time, cost and quality.
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