Laser Marking

At Fastener Technology Corp. we pride ourselves on deploying the most up-to-date techniques in the aerospace industry to manufacture the high specification components that our customers require.
Laser marking
Now widely used in the aerospace manufacturing industry in a host of ways, laser marking enables us to work with a range of materials and mark them effectively and clearly in a way that is machine-readable as well as human-readable.
At FTC, as specialists in fasteners, we regularly utilize laser marking as it is an extremely effective way of marking components in a way that renders them easily classifiable.  This is crucial at the assembly and production line stage.  Our decades of experience mean that we understand the pressures to reduce lead times and manufacturing times, and the need for the speedy construction of airframes. Ensuring that all your C-class components are clearly marked adds to safety protocols by ensuring that there is never any confusion between items such as screws, that have the potential to look similar and so be incorrectly used. 
Laser marking is a quick and efficient way of marking these components, reducing lead times across the supply chain when compared to other techniques such as stamping.  It also has the advantage of not causing any secondary damage to the component, such as burring or deformation due to pressure. Laser marking can be easily used on a range of metals such as stainless steel, titanium and aluminum, as well as non-metal materials such as plastic, nylon or fiberglass. It also has the advantage that it is highly adaptable and can be used to mark products with complex non-alpha-numeric symbols such as QR codes. 
FTC’s quality assurance processes
At FTC we understand the stringent safety and quality assurance requirements of the aerospace industry.  Any component failure, either due to material corrosion or human error in the production process, could have significant negative consequences.  We apply rigorous quality assurance throughout our manufacturing process to ensure that the components you receive onto your factory floor are of the highest quality, accurately marked.
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