Chemical Physical Analysis

At Fastener Technology Corp., we are fully committed to the highest of standards in the manufacture of fasteners and other C-class components for the aerospace industry.

Our commitment to quality and excellence extends beyond the usual quality assurance procedures employed to ensure high degrees of fidelity to the design specification of each component, to conducting physical and chemical analyses of the materials we utilize.
Chemical-physical analysis
At FTC we have worked with the aerospace industry for over forty years.  Specialists in fasteners, we are highly aware that the failure of any of our components could have highly negative consequences for the finished aircraft. As a result, we not only conduct visual and technical tests to ensure that our products are high quality and conform to the design briefs, we also carry out detailed metallurgical tests to ensure that the materials used have not been in anyway compromised at a structural level.  We test for all the qualities that are important for effective functioning in a range of airframe contexts, such as hardness, fatigue, tensile strength, torque values and durability in the face of environmental stressors. AS accredited, we conduct these examinations in compliance with the Fastener Quality Act to be certain that the components we introduce onto our customers’ production lines for installation in aircraft, will not in any way compromise the safety of the airplane.
FTC’s reliability
At FTC we are proud of our reputation for manufacturing high quality components that we deliver on time to our customers.  We understand our customers’ priorities for increasing efficiency, ensuring safety and driving down production costs.  Our work to ensure that we examine our products at a chemical as well as a physical or visual level means that we can be confident that our products will never lead to any product recalls or delays on the factory floor. It is this pride in our work that has led to us supplying all the leading aircraft manufacturers worldwide.
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