Heat Treating

With more than 40 years’ experience in the aerospace engineering industry, Fastener Technology Corp., or FTC, specializes in the production of precision fasteners, all of which are heat treated for optimal quality.

In the aerospace industry, there is no margin for error or weakness; all components, regardless of size, are subjected to extreme conditions. Metal heat treatment changes the properties of a metal, which not only improves the precision and ductility during the manufacturing process, but aids stress reduction. Stress reduction via metal heat treatment improves component strength, allowing them to withstand even the most demanding environments. In order to achieve this enhanced strength and improved fatigue life, heat treating is essential for all component parts used within aerospace manufacture.

Heat treating services

The process of heat treating involves applying heat in order to change a metal component’s metallurgical properties. Heat treating can relieve stress, harden or even soften a metal part without impacting on its shape. The process itself will depend on the material being treated; aluminum heat treatment services can be used to improve annealing, air and glycol quenching, aging and stress relief, whereas the services for heat treating stainless steel include hardening, annealing and stress relief.  FTC’s in-house metal heat treating services allow us to offer an improved, streamline production service as fasteners are taken direct from the production line to the metal heat treating services for optimal results.  

Quality assured

All of our services, from heat treating stainless steel to precision manufacturing fasteners to our clients’ specific specifications undergo our rigorous quality assurance processes, which is certified to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D requirements. In addition, fasteners undergo metallurgical examination in compliance with the Fastener Quality Act.

A tailored service

Every product manufactured by FTC is manufactured to meet our clients’ individual requirements; every fastener in our portfolio can be modified in terms of dimensions, thread size, head type and material. Coupled with our stringent QA processes and comprehensive in-house capacity, FTC’s capacity for production and metal heat treatment of fasteners is unrivalled.
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