Metal Drilling

With more than four decades of experience in the aerospace and defense industries, at FTC we offer a range of aerospace component manufacturing processes to meet the varied needs of the industry.
Our advance processes see us invest in the latest technology and training, to ensure that our teams of technicians and engineers deliver the best possible quality and value, every time. Our equipment enables us to produce fasteners designed to meet the rigorous environments typical of aviation and engineering, without compromising on the efficiency of production processes, size and speed of orders, or quality of the final product.

A complete service
Our skilled teams handle every phase of the production process, from interpreting specs and designs, to initial production, finishing and, where required, coating, alongside continuous QA processes which help us to ensure that products meet required standards. Metal drilling can be undertaken using a range of technology depending on the client’s requirements. EDM – or electrical discharge machining, for example, allows for holes to be precisely drilled in components that have deep cervices or sharp angles, without compromising the product’s structure.  CNC water jet is another machine that can be deployed when using materials that are sensitive to heat, as it does not produce a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). Similarly, laser jets can be used for metal drilling as they produce low HAZ.
Just as different metal drilling processes have varying impacts on the characteristic of the base materials, different processes offer advantages in terms of finish; water jet, laser drilling and EDM don’t require deburring as the removed materials are washed away or vaporized on contact. However, CNC drilling, while requiring deburring is a rapid process and may be the best choice for high bulk orders.

A tailored service
At FTC, we are fully cognizant of the range of metal drilling processes available and at our disposal. We work with each client to determine the best processes to meet their needs in terms of use, order run size, budget and lead time to enable us to get the best product to their warehouse or production line, on time, every time.
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