Industrial Metallurgy

FTC’s skilled technicians use industrial metallurgy to produce, shape, treat and finish metal alloys and elements to produce unrivalled quality fasteners for clients across the globe.

In an industry where quality is key, an engine is as reliable as its weakest component part, be that a nut, screw, or bolt. At Fastener Technology Corp. we utilize a range of processes, technology and techniques, such as advanced industrial metallurgy, to assure our products and components are of the highest quality. We operate in compliance with ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Quality Management Systems – Aerospace Requirements to ensure that every fastener we produce meets strict industry regulations.
These high standards extend beyond the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities used by FTC and our 8 sibling organizations who for the Avantus group. Metallurgical examination is central to our rigorous quality assurance processes, which help us to ensure the unrivalled quality of every component part that we produce.

Industrial Metallurgy

Industrial metallurgy is the process by which metallic components are used to produce engineering products. From producing alloys selected for their ability to provide optimal performance and durability, to shaping, heat treating and finishing the product, every step of the industrial metallurgy process contributes to the quality of the finished product. The ability to understand each metals’ different characteristic and select alloys are based on them.

Metallurgical examination

Metallurgical examination is an important part of industrial metallurgy, enabling our technicians to evaluate the internal and surface details of a metal, determining its microstructure and performance under stresses such as heat and tension.
Every set of fasteners crafted by FTC undergoes physical and metallurgical tests to establish the qualities as required by the client for the components’ purposes, such as shear, torque, tensile, stress durability, and any other tests required by the client.
These same standards and testing processes are applied when sourcing materials and products; our suppliers must meet stringent requirements which helps our technicians to assure the quality of every fastener that we produce, regardless of product specification and size of the order.
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