Fastener Technology Corp.’s commitment to providing our customers with the fullest range of services means that we are able to offer both conventional and CNC milling.
Milling is a key manufacturing technique which entails drilling and cutting a range of materials from a number of different angles.  Blades rotate and turn in pre-prescribed directions to shape and form the component exactly as designed.  At FTC, we have both conventional (using machine operators) and CNC (computer numeric controlled) milling machines. As specialists in aircraft fasteners and other C-class components, a 3-axis machine is usually sufficient to meet our customers’ needs; however, our commitment to being at the forefront of manufacturing processes means that we are also able to offer 5-axis milling for the most complex geometries and curvatures.
CNC milling is extremely effective for large, bulk orders where high degrees of repeatability and consistency are called for. The finished design specifications are translated into the CNC specifications via our CAD and CADCAM technology, and this is then followed by a largely automated process for the production of the components.  Conventional milling is likely to be more appropriate for small orders such as prototypes or one-off, custom projects.  This is because the initial set-up costs of CNC milling are off-set by larger runs, but add significantly to smaller project costs.
Materials utilized at FTC.
Both conventional and CNC milling can be used to machine a wide range of materials.  The metals that are commonly used at FTC include steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and copper.  Material choice is essential for ensuring that the components used throughout the aircraft are able to withstand the environmental stressors that they will encounter.  Our engineers are available to advise and provide support with material selection, in order that our customers are able to get the precisely manufactured component in the exact material required.  
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