Metal Cutting

Fastener Technology Corp. has been in the business of manufacturing fasteners for the aerospace industry for over four decades. 
Since FTC was established in 1979, we have invested in a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to meet all our customers’ metal cutting needs.
Metal cutting
Metal cutting is at the heart of manufacturing processes and incorporates a wide range of specific techniques such as milling, turning, piercing and drilling.  At FTC, our sophisticated equipment means that we are at the leading edge of these techniques, and our customers benefit from our high-quality production values and our commitment to innovation.  Our extensive range of metal cutting equipment includes both conventional and CNC (computer numeric controlled) machinery for milling, turning and routing, with both 3-axis and 5 axis machines.
Customer service at FTC
 At FTC, we work closely with our customers to identify solutions to their aircraft production problems.  We understand that the aerospace industry is constantly developing in its quest for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as seeking more sustainable options.  We are committed to continuous improvement and to helping our customers achieve that for themselves.  We support our customers to develop new ideas which we then translate into precise technical specifications that are fed into our metal cutting processes to produce the appropriate parts.
Wide range of materials
 Each metal has specific different properties, and each has to be machined in a way that takes that into account.  Our vast range of metal cutting equipment means that we can work with everything from the toughest steels to the most malleable alloys such as brass or softer metals such as aluminum.  This means that we are able to deploy our metal cutting services to supply our customers with the high-quality components that they need, made from the exact metal that will meet their requirements.
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