Close Tolerance Self Retaining

Fastener Technology Corp. has been engaged fastener manufacturing for the aerospace industry for more than 40 years.
Over the decades, we have built up a profound understanding of the industry standards, including the precision and high tensile strength necessary for aircraft bolts.
Close Tolerance Self-Retaining Bolts
We have an extensive catalog of all categories of fastener used in aircraft construction, including self-retaining bolts, which provide added safety and stability to assembled parts, and ferrule bolts, which enable a built-in spacer function.
At FTC, precision and quality are central to all our activities. Close tolerance bolts are manufactured with an even greater degree of accuracy than our standard bolts and are deployed in airframes where high degrees of accuracy and a tight fit are essential.  Our extensive machining equipment means that we are able to manufacture close tolerance, self-retaining bolts to match the specific design briefs of our customers.  As a leading bolts and nuts supplier globally, we have the capacity to either supply bulk orders from our standard catalog, or to support in the production of bespoke, custom-made items.
Quality Assurance at FTC
At FTC, our commitment to our customers means that safety and quality standards are at the heart of all our working practices. Located in California, conveniently situated close to national and international transport hubs, we are well-placed to be the nut bolt manufacturer of choice and have a well-deserved reputation for supplying our manufactured components reliably and on-time.  Bolt manufacturing is a precision activity, and with our ISO9001 accreditation, we are proud of our record of always delivering items that are accurately machined to consistent standards.  This enables our customers to maximize their production line efficiency, reducing unnecessary stoppages and down time caused by poorly machined components.  All our production batches are routinely inspected before leaving our premises, to ensure the highest standards for our customers.

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