T Bolts

At Fastener Technology Corp, we manufacture a number of Aeroquip T-bolts, which are the standard for all US military aircraft. 

T-bolts are typically extremely strong bolts that are characterized by having an unthreaded upper part to the shank with a threaded section below that.  The head is flat and straight, rather than round, and looks like the top of a letter ‘T’, giving the bolt its name. It has a wide range of uses and is frequently used in machinery such as CNC machinery. They are flexible in production as they can by adjusted by hand.

FTC’s extensive catalogue
With our extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to manufacture T-bolts from a range of materials. This enables them to withstand the pressures of a wide range of airframe stressors, such as chemical corrosion, humidity or extremes of temperature. We also have all the global leaders in commercial in our customer base and are able to manufacture T-bolts for a range of purposes, either for repeat, bulk orders or for smaller, custom made projects.

Wide range of materials
At our premises in California, which are well-located near convenient transport hubs for ease of national and international shipping, we are able to machine all our fasteners, including T-bolts, out of a range of materials to meet the specific project requirements presented by our customers.  The materials used are frequently crucial to determining the effectiveness of the T-bolt in situ in the airframe.  The materials we use vary depending on whether the priority is for strength, for being lightweight, or for being resistant to corrosion from a number of possible environmental stressors such as chemical corrosion, humidity, extremes of heat or cold, or exposure to UV light. In addition, we are able to coat the products with corrosion resistant layers, in cases where the aircraft environment will permit that. Our experienced engineers will always be available for consultation on which might be the most appropriate materials to use in your context.

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