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Turn Stud Assembly

At Fastener Technology Corp., we produce a range of fastener assemblies as well as individual fasteners designed to meet the needs of the aerospace and military industries. 

Thanks to our decades of experience in the aerospace manufacturing industry, at FTC we have a detailed understanding of how different assemblies can support aircraft construction.

Turn Stud Assembly

Turn stud assemblies simplify the production process by reducing the number of individual parts necessary on the assembly line. This reduces complexity as well as limiting the risk of losing individual fasteners or dropping them, potentially into production machinery.  This improves safety and reduces production line stoppages with the associated additional labor costs. For these reasons, FTC’s ¼ turn stud assembly is an innovation that could prove invaluable in your aircraft production process.

FTC’s manufacturing capacity

At FTC, we produce standard ¼ turn stud assemblies as part of our standard catalog range. We are very happy to advise on how these might be utilized to facilitate your production processes.  Equally, we are available for consultation on custom made items.  We have a close working, collaborative relationship with all our customers and so will work to your technical briefs for your fastener requirements, including turn stud assemblies. We are able to produce either large, bulk orders that we deliver on a regular basis to your warehouse or your factory floor, or smaller, custom made orders for your individual project or prototype. Our experience and our significant manufacturing capacity has led to us having an industry-wide reputation for delivering reliably and on time.

Quality Assurance at FTC

At FTC, we understand the priorities of the aerospace industry.  This includes the need for consistently produced, high quality components that work as designed, every time. Our stringent quality assurance processes include inspecting components throughout the production process as well as inspecting components from each batch before they leave our premises. This ensures that we only every deliver the highest quality items to our customers, every time.

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