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Fastener Technology Corp. has been manufacturing a wide range of fasteners and other C-class components for the aerospace industry for four decades.

These low-cost, high specification items are essential for the safety of each aircraft that is assembled, and consequently we take pride in our stringent quality procedures and our close, collaborative relationships with our customers.

Alignment Pins
Alignment pins come in a range of shapes and complexities and can be deployed throughout the production process, with each type of pin matched to the complexity of the particular requirement of the stage of production. They are primarily used to align or position removable airframe components during the production process.  Each type of pin has a precise diameter to facilitate correct alignment of the pieces involved. Many alignment pins have locking capabilities when used with locking bushings.

Advanced production processes
At FTC, we have the capacity to produce standard alignment pins in a range of materials and diameters.  Additionally, we manufacture alignment pin assemblies with lock nuts.  These have the benefit of simplifying the production process by incorporating the various components (pin, lock nut, washer, bushing etc.) into one item.  This reduces complexity and speeds up the production process by reducing the number of procedures needed to assemble the airframe. For both standard alignment pins and alignment pin assemblies, we are able to manufacture and deliver large, bulk, repeatable orders that we can deliver to your warehouse or your production line, as required. Equally, we have the capacity to manufacture smaller, bespoke runs that meet the specific requirements of one-off projects or prototypes.

We work closely with all our customers and our experienced engineers are happy to collaborate with you to produce exactly the part that you require, in the volume that you need.

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