Fastener Technology Corp. has been manufacturing low-cost, high specification components for the aerospace industry for over four decades, specializing in high-quality fasteners.

A trunnion is a component that allows the part that is mounted into it to move freely in one direction but prevents movement in other directions.  They are often used to provide additional strength and stability to an assembly. Typically, the mounted part is able to rotate within the trunnion, in the perpendicular plane only. Where appropriate, the interior of the trunnion can be machined to incorporate grooves or protrusions that will prevent all movement and hold the mounted part rigidly in place. There is a wide range of contexts in which it is appropriate to use a trunnion, and at FTC we collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that the specific design meets their precise requirements.
We produce trunnions specifically for global leaders in the aerospace industry such as Eaton and their Aeroquip range.  However, we have the capacity to produce a variety of differently designed trunnions to meet the needs of a very broad range of aerospace customers, both Tier 2 and Tier 3, and can even supply directly to OEMs.
FTC’s manufacturing capacity
At our plant in California, FTC has a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.  This means that we have the capacity to produce standardized, bulk, repeatable orders to regular customers.  It also means that we have the ability to utilize our teams of expert engineers and technicians to innovate, develop, and devise solutions to apparently intransigent problems. We can work with a wide variety of materials to ensure that the trunnions are manufactured from the material that will meet the precise needs of the environment in which they will be deployed.  As a consequence of our experience and our extensive facilities, we have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability throughout the industry.
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