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Fastener Technology Corp. has been operating in the aerospace manufacturing industry for over four decades and produces a range of high-quality standoffs and inserts.


 Standoffs are used throughout airframe production and are essential components.  They are used to create or maintain a gap between two aircraft components. This is necessary when there is a need to reduce friction between the parts, or to increase thermal insulation, or to allow for airflow around the parts. They can also be used to enable increased precision when positioning screws or other fasteners. Standoffs can also be threaded, and therefore can be used to increase the strength or stability of an assembly.
In a similar way to standoffs, inserts can be used to ensure separation of two other aircraft components. This can be to resolve issues of friction or to reduce vibrations.  Flanged inserts can be used internally to an assembly to ensure space for lubrication or airflow within the assembly.
FTC’s comprehensive portfolio of materials
 With a wide range of materials at our disposal, our engineers are constantly on-hand to support your production processes and to advise on the most appropriate material to be used in your standoffs and inserts. We are able to provide both bulk orders or smaller, custom orders, using materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.
High standards of efficiency and reliability at FTC
 At FTC, we use our understanding and experience of the aerospace industry to help you support your priorities.  Our extensive range of equipment enables us to quickly and accurately manufacture the standoffs and inserts that are required by your production processes.
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