Spacers And Bushings

As one of the leading producers of low-cost, high-specification fasteners and other C-class components for aerospace manufacturers, Fastener Technology Corp. are skilled suppliers of spacers and bushings.


Spacers are integral components in aircraft construction and are typically used to secure elements such as wiring, ducting or tubing in place, keeping them safely away from the main aircraft structure.
Bushings are essential for reducing friction in key parts of an aircraft.  They are a type of independent plain bearing and have a critical role in preventing the failure of bearings in areas such as turbines and other high-pressure environments. The correct material is essential for all aircraft fasteners and C-class components in order to ensure optimal performance, however, in the case of bushings the correct material choice can help avoid situations where bearing failure leads to catastrophic outcomes.
FTC’s wide portfolio of materials
For both spacers and bushings, a detailed understanding of the properties of the materials selected is essential for safety and quality. The choice of material will depend on the environmental stressors that the spacers or bushings will be exposed to.  Stainless steel is strong and tough, but heavy.  Aluminum is light, but not as durable and more prone to wear.  Titanium is both strong and light but is more costly. Our expert team of engineers and technicians are available to advise our customers on the optimal choice of materials to meet their aircraft production needs.
State-of-the-art manufacturing capacity
At FTC we have an extensive range of manufacturing equipment, which enables us to produce spacers and bushings to your precise specifications, using the materials with the exact properties needed for your project.  
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