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FTC has been in the business of manufacturing screws and fasteners for the aerospace industry for over four decades, and consequently have an extensive range of products.
Snap-in Captive Screws
Snap-in captive screws are an essential component in aerospace manufacture. Captive screws are designed to remain in place once installed – a function that is vital in an industry where safety, quality and reliability are crucial.  Captive screws cannot be loosened or shake loose and so provide added security in airframe manufacture. Additionally, they will not fall out on the production line, thus removing a potential source of FOD and line stoppages with the associated waste of time and labor costs. Snap-in captive screws also benefit from being quick to install.  This enables speedy construction and reduces production lead times.

FTC’s manufacture of snap-in captive screws
At Fastener Technology Corp. we make it our business to meet the extremely demanding requirements of the aerospace industry. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment at our premises in California, and this enables us to mass-produce standard snap-in captive screws for our large, global customer base, which includes all the industry’s leading aircraft manufacturers.  Equally, we are able to produce customized items to meet our customers’ specific needs for smaller projects.

FTC’s portfolio of products
Among our wide range of fastener products, FTC includes spring loaded or fillister slot head snap-in captive screws, as well as the straightforward snap-in captive screw. The different types that we manufacture ensure that we can provide the precise type of snap-in captive screw to meet your exact production needs.  Spring loaded screws allow for even, controllable pressure as the screw is installed. The fillister slot head (sometimes known as a cheese head screw) facilitates a deep head and a deep recess. 

Range of materials
The precise use of the snap-in captive screw in the airframe will dictate the most appropriate material to use.  At FTC we have the capacity to work with a range of materials, including steel and a range of alloys.

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