Single Captive

Having been in the aerospace industry for more than four decades, Fastener Technology Corp. has developed a comprehensive range of single captive screws. 
Single Captive Screws
Captive screws are designed specifically to fix permanently into place once installed, meaning that they are reliable and provide an additional safety measure for airframe construction, as they do not shake loose when subject to vibration. They also simplify production line processes as they can be pre-installed to panels and will not fall out during the production process.  They typically are designed to be locked into pre-drilled holes, meaning they can fasten the mating parts without needing to be removed. This reduces unnecessary stoppages and wasted time and labor costs as well as speeding up production by simplifying the processes and cutting down on the number of parts needed.  Additionally, they subsequently reduce time spent servicing aircraft, as they can be released from the joined panel with a deliberate tool movement but will remain in place in the original panel. 
FTC’s Catalog of Single Captive Screws
Due to our extensive range of the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment, we are able to work with a wide range of materials including steel, brass and other alloys.  We are also able to provide coatings where appropriate, to prolong the life cycle and provide additional resistance to a range of environmental stressors. This ensures that we are able to produce single captive screws that will meet the demands of your specific project requirements. In addition, in the unlikely event that our existing catalog does not meet your exact production needs, we work closely with our customers and our experienced teams of engineers and technicians will collaborate with you to manufacture bespoke single captive screws to respond to your design brief.

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