Retractable Spring Enclosed

At FTC, we have worked in the aerospace industry for over four decades, supplying the leading aircraft manufacturers, both military and civilian, around the globe. 
Retractable spring-enclosed screws
The advantage of a retractable spring-enclosed screw is the ease with which the precise level of the screw can be adjusted immediately on the production line, with the screw being easily retracted to the desired height. This ensures a combination of flexibility, even pressure and fine adjustability that will support your production processes.
The springs in FTC’s spring-enclosed screws ensure a consistent, repeatable spring rate for assembling the mating parts on your production line. As spring rates are critical where deployed, it is vital that your spring-enclosed screws, including retractable spring-enclosed screws, are manufactured to the highest of standards.  Fastener Technology Corp. is ISO accredited, with ISO9001:2015 and also AS9100D, meaning that you can be certain that our manufactured products are the high-quality items that you require for your production needs.
Range of retractable spring-enclosed screws to meet your needs
Across all our products, we aim to provide the exact match for your specific requirements.  We offer a full range of retractable spring-enclosed screws, including fillister heads, hex heads, pan heads, and low profiles among others.  We manufacture screws with a variety of shank diameters and a range of TPIs (threads per inch), to precisely meet the requirements of the materials being joined. We have a large portfolio of products that can be bulk produced and shipped directly to your warehouse or production line; equally, we are able to produce bespoke products to match your individual project needs in close consultation with your engineers.   All our products are available with metric or standard US thread sizes.
FTC’s reliability and quality
At Fastener Technology Corp., we understand the specific demands of this industry, and we have a reputation for on-time deliveries and products that facilitate smooth production-line processes by being consistently high-quality, avoiding stoppages and wasted time.

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