Low Profile Captive

At FTC, we manufacture an extensive range of low-profile captive screws to ensure that we are able to cater for all the production needs of our customers, no matter how complex.
Low Profile Captive Screws
Low profile screws have a thinner knob than high profile screws, and so are optimal for use in areas where the knob needs to stand proud of the surface, but there is limited space above the panel, or the panel is exposed and could be brushed against by other parts or by people. In the same way as high-profile screws, they can be suitable for manual adjustment or adjustment using a tool. This allows for fine adjustments to be made on the production line or at the point of installation.
FTC’s extensive catalogue
Our catalogue includes spring-loaded low-profile captive screws, flaring low profile captive screws, locking low profile captive screws and locking low profile captive screws.  In terms of the knobs, we are able to manufacture cross-recess heads, fillister heads, pan heads or hex heads among others. In addition, our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment means that we are able to produce our low-profile captive screws in a range of materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel and a number of alloys, as well as non-metal materials.  This ensures that our components are able to cope with a wide range of environmental stressors such as humidity, extremes of temperature, exposure to chemical erosion or UV.  In addition to our standard range of components, our commitment to outstanding customer service means that we work closely with all our customers and, if necessary, design and manufacture specialist products to meet our customers’ exact specifications.
Quality Assurance at FTC
At Fastener Technology Corp, high standards are central to our manufacturing culture.  All our production batches are routinely tested for a range of performance criteria such as shear and tensile strength. With accreditations including ISO9001 and AS9100, our reputation for quality, consistency and reliability is well-deserved.

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