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High profile retractable screws
Retractable screws have many advantages in terms of ease of adjustment without loss of precision placement of mating parts.  High profile retractable screws have large knobs that can be adjusted manually or using a tool which means that they are extremely flexible and adaptable on the production line.  They are appropriate for deployment where there is no concern about vertical space and where aesthetic considerations are not an issue, as they stand proud of the panels they are joining.
Wide range of high profile retractable screws
At FTC, we have an extensive catalogue of high profile retractable screws.  These include pan heads, fillister heads and hex heads, among many others.  We have the capacity to manufacture these screws in a range of materials to ensure that they are a perfect match for your precise needs.  We also offer a wide selection of sizes and TPIs (threads per inch).  We produce captive high profile retractable screws, that retract to be flush with the first panel once they are released from mating threads in the product that they were joined to. We also produce spring-loaded high profile retractable screws, that facilitate the retraction whilst retaining even pressure and stability against the attached panel. In the unlikely event that our existing catalogue does not contain a product that meets the needs of your production processes, our experienced team of engineers is able to consult with you to produce a bespoke product according to your exact requirements.

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