Flush Head Captive

At FTC we make a range of flush head captive screws, which combine versatility and simplicity of use with the aesthetic appeal of being largely invisible.
Flush head captive screws have all the benefits of captive screws, in that they reduce the need for a large number of component parts, and they add security and stability to the airframe as they become permanently fixed to the outer panel.  The flush head means that they sit flush with the panel and are barely visible, with only a slight indentation which can be machined down or power-coated if necessary, to further reduce visibility.  Unlike concealed head screws, there is no need to increase the thickness of the panel, as the flush head captive screws are pushed through the outside of the panel rather than inserted into a pocket in the panel. It should be noted, however, that flush head captive screws do not provide an entirely watertight fastening as they penetrate the panels they are joining without a cap or additional fastening around an unthreaded shank.
FTC’s extensive range of equipment
At FTC, we have a state-of-the-art range of equipment that means that we can manufacture flush head captive screws to a consistently high standard, with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.  We are able to machine a wide range of materials, both metal and non-metal where required, to ensure we meet the precise requirements of your production processes. We can either bulk-supply our products from our standard production lines or manufacture bespoke products in consultation with our customers.  We have a wide range of shank diameters and TPIs (threads per inch) to choose from, and can supply our flush head captive screws with specific coatings as required to provide additional protection against environmental stressors if necessary. 
Quality assurance processes
We pride ourselves on our quality assurance processes, which are among the most stringent in the industry. This ensures that we support our customers’ priorities around reducing production line stoppages and guaranteeing high levels of safety and reliability.

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