Flaring Type Captive Screws

At Fastener Technology Corp., our experienced team of engineers are adept at creating a range of fasteners and components designed to meet the needs of the aerospace and defense industries.
Flaring screws are used in conjunction with flaring, or flare, nuts to provide a complete seal on joins that are subjected to high levels of vibration, or which are part of a unit that involves hazardous substances such as hydraulic fluid, fuel or gas. Flaring screws are commonly used in the aerospace industry as they have a greater torque tolerance than other types of nuts, and offer a more robust seal.

FTC’s state-of-the-art machinery
As a global leader in the manufacture of low-cost, high precision aircraft components, FTC benefits from extensive, state-of-the-art equipment to produce bushes to high levels of precision. We are able to machine a wide portfolio of materials to ensure that our bushes can meet your exact specifications. In terms of metals, we manufacture bushes from titanium, aluminium and stainless steel among others.  In terms of non-metals, we routinely work with plastic, nylon and composite. Our expert team is able to consult on your exact requirements to match your airframe environment, including specific details such as the load that the bearings are required to take and whether there is lubrication in the environment. Our production capacity means that that we are able to cater for regular bulk orders or one-off, bespoke projects. 

Quality Assurance
At FTC, we understand that poor quality components can lead to stoppages on your production lines or, worse, compromised safety in aircraft.  Our top-quality in-house inspection capability means that you can be confident that we deliver high-precision, repeatable components to your production line or warehouse.  We work with all the world leaders in aerospace manufacturing and have extensive experience of reliably and rapidly manufacturing a wide range of metal and non-metal bushes. This means that you can have confidence that we are able to deliver on all your requirements for C-class components. 

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