EDM (Magic Groove ®)

FTC’s patented Magic Groove® is a structural captive fastener with exclusive EDM groove design. This design allows retaining ring to be slipped easily onto the bolt without bending, breaking, or distorting.
The retaining ring can be installed by hand, no need to apply force over the end of the bolt. With the retaining ring in place the bolt end is flared with an FTC designed Flaring tool.
The Magic Groove fastener withstands push out load much bigger than that of similar fasteners. The Magic Groove fasteners could be custom made to customer’ specifications, available in a variety of materials, finishes, head styles, lengths and grips. Our patented design reduces production costs, it’s easy to install comparing to other captive fasteners on a market.”
FTC’s Magic Groove® – Strong, Economical, and easy to use.

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