At Fastener Technology Corp. we manufacture a wide range of screws designed to withstand the rigors of the aerospace industry.

Also known as FTC, Fastener Technology Corp. is a trusted screw manufacturer, providing high-volume orders to the aerospace, military, and wider commercial industries. Made from lower strength materials than bolts, screws are the most common threaded fastening device used in the aerospace industry. They are incredibly versatile, and can be tailored to meet their specific needs, without compromising on strength or quality.

Types of screw
At Fastener Technology Corp., we possess the skills, experience and resources to produce a range of screws to meet the specific needs of our customers. With a broad range of screws in production to meet the various needs of aerospace construction, customers can choose from captive screws, such as: magic groove (EDM) screws, jacking screws, low profile, high-profile spring-loaded fasteners, retainer nut type fasteners, spring loaded Turnlock or flush head flaring captive screws.

Each of these fastener devices can be manufactured using either U.S. standard or metric dimensions with a range of head styles, recesses, thread sizes, with single or multiple lead threads. Upon request, FTC will provide customer with drawings or data sheets for each fastener style, so that they can clearly ascertain all design, construction, and characteristic details before placing their order.  

Outstanding customer service
At FTC, we have access to cutting edge in-house technology and unrivalled expertise. Customers are guided through the order process to ensure that they select screws designed to meet their specific needs in terms of volume, delivery, cost and, most importantly, function. All our fasteners can be produced in high volumes without compromising on quality or customer service. Our products are manufactured to military standards or equivalent, and certification can be provided upon request. We pride ourselves with the outstanding standards that we meet every day and believe that our industry-leading customers are testimony to our agility and quality.
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