FTC has been manufacturing fasteners for the aerospace industry for over four decades and has built up extensive knowledge of the specific needs of the sector.


Along with 35+ of our own patented components, we have a significant portfolio of products that are used worldwide by all the global leading aircraft manufacturers.

Receptacles are mating elements that typically have features to facilitate mounting, for example a flange with holes.  This also helps ensure that the receptacle is only used with the correct mating part, thus ensuring no mismatches which could lead to fastenings that are not robust and that therefore fall short of the extremely high standards of safety that are required by the aerospace industry. Receptacles may also have locking functions to further enhance stability and safety, by ensuring that the fastenings will not shake loose. FTC have a locking receptacle as part of our standard catalogue, and we are also happy to discuss the needs of our customers, with our expert teams of engineers always on-hand to discuss any specific project demands that may require custom-made receptacles.

Quality Assurance at FTC
At FTC, we understand the need for the most stringent quality standards in every aspect of aircraft manufacture. We have extensive in-house quality assurance processes and have ISO9001:2015 accreditation as well as AS9100D certification.  Our standard practice is to inspect our components at key points throughout the manufacturing process and then once again before a batch leaves our premises.  This approach enables us to constantly review and improve our own manufacturing processes as well as quality assure our fasteners. The range of tests that the fasteners are subjected to are comprehensive and can include metallurgical examinations for crucial issues such as tensile strength, shear and hardness among other things.
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