Stud Nut

FTC’s range of stud nuts are available in a variety of metal, such as stainless steel or brass, or in non-metal materials. 
Stud Nuts
Studs are generally headless rods that are externally threaded.  Stud nuts have shafts attached to the hexagonal head, that can accommodate the stud rod in order to securely join two items. Stud nuts are not externally threaded but can be externally grooved or otherwise shaped in order to achieve stability within the fixture and prevent rotation. They can also have a range of ends, such as slotted ends or Ziplock ends, in order to improve grip. As with all FTC’s products, they are available with a range of heads, such as hex heads, slot heads or Allen heads.
At FTC, we manufacture stud nut assemblies with integrated bushings, which simplify the production process by reducing the number of parts needed on the production line. Our team of engineers are available to discuss our customers’ requirements in order to ensure that the shape and the material of the stud nuts chosen are optimal for the specific use to which they will be put.
Quality Assurance at FTC
At FTC, we are highly aware of the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry for safety and quality.  We understand that fastener failure can have potentially catastrophic outcomes for aircraft.  As well as being ISO accredited, we have robust in-house quality assurance processes that help ensure that all our products reach our customers exactly as designed, with no defects or manufacturing artefacts such as burrs that have not been removed.  We check our components at every stage of the manufacturing process, which enables us to detect any problems early in the process, and also review our practice to identify any improvements that may be possible.  Finally, we inspect randomly selected components from the completed batches, before they leave our premises.  We subject all our components to a range of tests, which may include metallurgic examinations and checks for tensile strength and shear.

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