Retainer Nut

Fastener Technology Corp. has been providing the aerospace and military industries with high quality fasteners including bolts and retainer nuts, since 1979.

Also known as FTC, at Fastener Technology Corp. we are renowned for delivering on quality and customer service to customers across the aerospace industry. Over the last four decades, FTC has been responsible for the design of 34 innovative aviation fastener patents while amassing a loyal customer base of over 400 companies, including leaders in the aerospace manufacturing industry, such as Boeing, Lockheed and Raytheon.

Retainer nut production
Fasteners in the aerospace industry come under extreme conditions in terms of heat, torque and vibrations. It is, therefore, often necessary for manufacturers to use the appropriate fasteners. Over the last four decades, FTC’s technicians and leadership team have cultivated a vast portfolio of fasteners and associated products. Each retainer nut is precision crafted and designed to meet industry needs in terms of durability, production speed and cost. What’s more, all of the products in our portfolio can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a client. Upon contact, a customer will be provided with full product specifications in either engineering drawings or data sheets. From these, they can tailor their requirements, altering materials, head styles, thread sizes, single or multiple lead threads and recesses in either metric or U.S. standard dimensions; our technicians will work closely with them to ensure that the most appropriate specifications are utilized.
Quality assured

All of our retainer nuts are quality tested at every stage of the production process in order to allow our technicians to identify and rectify any irregularities at the earliest possible stage in the production process. This not only ensures the outstanding product quality for which FTC is renowned, but it enables us to deliver large-scale orders on time, without compromising on quality.

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