With more than forty years’ experience creating quality fasteners for the aerospace industry, FTC is proud to offer leading nut manufacturing services to clients across the U.S. and beyond.

In the aviation industry, quality and durability are key. It is critical that every part – no matter how small – is designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure functionality and safety. Nuts may seem irrelevant, but they play a critical part in any engineering process. Working in conjunction with a partner bolt, a nut is held to its counterpart via thread friction, marginal bolt expansion and the compression of torque applied to each separate component part. In instances where vibration is likely, locking mechanisms such as lock washers, lock wire or thread locking fluid is advisable.

Types of nuts
There are a full range of nuts, each designed to meet a specific function and created to withstand the rigors of the aerospace and military industries. Different types held within Fastener Technology Corp.’s portfolio include retainer nuts; self-locking retainer nuts; flaring nut assemblies; stud nuts including hex head, slotted end; hex head, 3 EDM slots; Ziplock end; quarter turn stud assembly; and barrel nuts.

A tailored service
At FTC, we are proud to have access to a wealth of experience and skills, as well as the latest technology, both in respect of industry standard fastening products and our own, patented designs. Upon enquiry, clients can be provided with full engineer drawings and data sheets detailing every aspect of our products. Each product can then be tailored to meet the individual client’s needs with regard to thread size, recesses, size and material, before being precision manufactured to industry standards, including AS9100 Rev. D/ISO9001:2015 and quality assured in-house to ensure optimal performance.

Customer service is central to our operations and we aim to deliver on time, every time, regardless of the size or complexity of each order. It is this marriage of quality, value and customer service that makes FTC an industry leader in the provision of fasteners within the most demanding industries.  

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