At Fastener Technology Corp. we have over four decades of working with the aerospace industry and have built up an extensive portfolio of C-class components, including a wide range of latches and latch assemblies.

These include door latches and panel latches, and can be used for securely closing or sealing doors or panels. We produce aerospace latches of a range of different strengths and sizes to correspond to the intended use within the craft and whether they are required to retain light or heavy weight structures in place. Our standard catalog items include spring loaded latches with a range of head formats, for example, slot heads or cross heads.  We also manufacture a pawl latch assembly, which has a spring-loaded element that pivots at one end, to engage with another component and thus prevent movement. 
Latch Opening Mechanisms
There are a range of possible mechanisms for opening latches in an aircraft.  These include simple channel latches, hook latches, pressure relief latches (which typically require a tool for opening), push button latches and flush latches among others.  The different mechanisms used will depend on a number of considerations, such as volume and nature of traffic through the door or panel, the weight of the door or panel, and whether the door or panel swings open or slides. In addition to the latches seen in our standard catalog, we have the capacity to manufacture a wide range of different latches.
We routinely collaborate with our customers to produce the latches that will be best suited for their specific requirements, and due to our considerable engineering expertise, we are able to innovate and find solutions to problems that may not be immediately apparent. Equally, we are able to advise on the most appropriate materials to be used, depending on whether the demands call for strength, being lightweight or being resistant to corrosion.
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