Index Pins

At FTC we understand the stringent safety requirements of the aerospace industry.

Index Pins

Index pins are characterized by having thin shafts, with threads on the bottom section and a flange or collar positioned part of the way down the shaft on the opposite end from the threads. The amount of shaft that is above the flange and the gap between the flange and the threads can vary, depending on the specific production requirements.  The flange is typically hexagonal but can be adapted depending on the technical briefs for the project and issues such as the specific tools being used to insert the pins or whether they would be hand adjusted.
At FTC we have a number of index pins in our standard catalog, and we are also able to manufacture index pins to meet the precise requirements of our customers’ briefs. We are able to use our extensive equipment to produce a choice of thread sizes, TPIs (threads per inch), head slots and styles, among other design elements.  Equally, we have the capacity to produce large scale, repeatable bulk orders delivered to your warehouse or directly to your production line, as well as smaller, one-off custom-made items for individual projects.

Wide range of materials available

We are also able to work with a wide range of materials, to ensure that the index pins used in your airframes are able to withstand any environmental stressors that they may be exposed to, such as chemical corrosion, humidity, extremes of heat or cold and exposure to UV light.  We realize that in the aerospace industry, any equipment or assembly failure, including fastener failure, can be catastrophic. For this reason, our highly experienced engineers are constantly available for consultation on which would be the most appropriate material for your index pins, depending on the environments in which they will be utilized.
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