Captive Fasteners

Fastener Technology Corp. has been manufacturing a wide range of fasteners and captive fasteners for over four decades. 
Captive Fasteners
Fasteners, C-class aerospace components that are designed to join one item to another in the production process, are essential items in aircraft assembly. Captive fasteners have been designed to increase safety and quality standards by being permanently installed to one element of the assembled parts.  Consequently, they are not prone to be shaken loose when subject to sorts of vibrations that are a feature of aircraft performance, but can still allow assemblies to be quickly and easily disassembled and reassembled for maintenance and inspection purposes.
Captive fasteners facilitate production line efficiency and safety by minimizing the number of parts required whilst at the same time avoiding hazards such as lost screws or other fasteners falling out of assemblies and potentially falling into and damaging production line machinery. As a result of their high levels of safety, captive fasteners are widely used across the aerospace industry, and are legally mandated in many jurisdictions across a range of safety equipment.
FTC’s extensive range of captive fasteners
Over the last 40 years, we have built up an extensive portfolio of captive fasteners, including a number that have been designed by our team and for which we hold the patents.  Our expertise means that we are extremely well-placed to collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that we are providing them the captive fasteners that match their exact production requirements. 
As well as offering a wide range of designs, we are able to offer a variety of materials that ensure that every airframe environment will be catered for. In circumstances, such as where customers are developing prototypes or building one-off designs, our experienced teams of engineers are able to support and advise, and to deploy our state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture bespoke, custom-made captive fasteners. 

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