Fastener Technology Corp. has been involved in fastener manufacturing for over four decades, and supplies all the leading global aircraft manufacturers, both commercial and military.

Fasteners are essential components in the aerospace industry.  They are small, low-cost items, but nonetheless fastener failure will jeopardize the safety of an aircraft.  Consequently, it is of crucial importance that these C-class components are manufactured to the highest of specifications, with quality and reliability at the heart of the process.  At FTC, we principally specialize in non-permanent precision fasteners such as a wide range of screws and bolts.  These are designed to be flexible, in that they allow airframe parts and structures to be assembled quickly and easily, but also disassembled for maintenance and servicing without destroying or damaging either the fastener or the assembled parts.
Fastener Services
At FTC, we are able to supply the majority of our customers with the specific fasteners they need for their precise production and airframe needs.  This is as a consequence of our long experience in the field, giving us a well-developed understanding of the needs of the aerospace industry. 
We work closely with our customers, large and small, to ensure that we are providing the exact fasteners required. We have a strong understanding of how to support our customers to simplify production line processes through well-designed fasteners, reducing lead times and maximizing efficiency.  In the unlikely event that our existing catalog does not supply the specific fastener that you require, our experienced team of engineers and technicians is able to manufacture custom fasteners to your specific brief. 
Our extensive range of equipment means that we are able to produce fasteners in a range of materials that are able to cope with environmental stressors such as corrosion, humidity or UV exposure. Conveniently located in California with easy access to transport infrastructure, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ orders, whether they are regular, bulk orders or bespoke, ad hoc requirements.

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