At Fastener Technology Corp., we have an extensive range of equipment that enables us to cast, shape and form the many different forms that are required for brackets across the aircraft.

Brackets are widely utilized throughout aircraft bodies, as structural elements in their own right or as elements of subassemblies, for example, flaps, covers or screens. With over four decades in the aerospace industry, we are fully aware of the critical importance of safety and quality when it comes to brackets, and we use our expertise as well as our state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that we manufacture and deliver the highest quality brackets to our customers.
Materials used at FTC
New materials are constantly being developed for the manufacture of brackets.  These seek to achieve high performance whilst at the same time being lightweight and cost effective. At FTC, we have the capacity to manufacture using a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, brass and super-alloys such as Inconel. We can also offer non-metal materials such as nylon or polyimide. The match of material and use for the brackets in the context of the airframe is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety.  Specific environmental stressors that the brackets may be exposed to include extremes of heat, humidity, chemical or electrical corrosion or UV light. The materials used need to be able to withstand these.  In the context of the wing area and other external areas, the material also needs to be able to withstand potential lightening strike events.

Our expert teams of engineers and technicians ensure that, at FTC, we are constantly abreast of all the latest developments in material science.  We regularly innovate to find the best solution to our customers’ problems and ensure that we are delivering the product that responds to your precise needs.
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