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Based in North Hollywood, California, FTC operates an extensive range of manufacturing processes supported by a dedicated on-site R&D and testing capability.

FTC has a proud heritage having been supplier of fastener products for aircraft such as the B2, SR 71, U-2, F-117 and F22, along with supplying the International Space Station and North American Rockwell Space Shuttles.  Currently, our products are used by Lockheed’s Trident Missile program, Raytheon’s Sparrow Missile Program, NASA’s Moon Rover program and Lockheed’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. 

FTC has received many awards of excellence such as Lockheed Martin’s Top 25 Supplier Award in 2015, Boeing’s Gold Level Performance in 2012 and 2013, and Lockheed Martin‘s Star Supplier Award in 2003. 

FTC is driven by a pursuit of excellence, creativity, energy and commitment to the well-being and success of the organization and customers it supports.

Our mission is to deliver World Class Quality Fasteners – On Time, Every Time!
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