Leading the way with innovative design and engineering
Fastener Technology Corporation (FTC), based in North Hollywood, California,
has been delivering innovative, high-strength aerospace and captive fastening
products since 1979. FTC's reputation is built on the design and delivery of
leading-edge fasteners and unparalleled fast delivery.

Delivering world class quality – on time, every time

All of us at FTC take pride in our long-standing record of delivering
fastener products of the highest quality, in record time.
With an ever-present eye on detail and timing, we are your
partners in productivity.

Magic Groove™ captive screws | BG Bolt™ | alignment pins
bushings | captive screws | high strength aerospace fasteners
jacking screws | latches | panel fasteners | plunger pins | spacers
specialty hardware | standoffs | structural bolts & nuts | t-bolts